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Zach Wendell, LCSW
PNW Psychotherapy, LLC

I utilize a modern relational and collaborative approach along with psychodynamic theory, CBT-based skills, and a host of trauma-informed/trauma-specific practices. My theory is that a combination of a deeper understanding of self, coupled with practical skills, can lead to sustained self-discovery and curiosity, desired personality changes, and relief. I specialize in working with individuals who struggle to regulate emotions and mood, are working through the impacts of childhood trauma in adulthood/young adulthood, are experiencing interpersonal issues, existential dread, anxiety, depression, and/or chronic suicidality.

I provide ongoing individual psychotherapy for ages 18+, psychotherapy for children (ages 6-17), and their families, following a disclosure of abuse, crisis check-ins, and psychedelic Integration sessions. Additionally, I have valued experience working with Trans folks, BIPOC, LGBTQ folks, and polyamorous folks. 

I have extensive training in modern psychodynamic/relational psychotherapy, CBT-based therapies, and a variety of evidence-based practices. My previous work experiences include Bellevue Hospital Center, New York University, and John Jay College in New York City. When I am not in private practice, I work at OHSU Hospital/Emergency Dept., and Adjunct at PSU.

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